Beijing Ji Hotel

2023-04-28 10:14:47

Beijing Ji Hotel

2 sets of 700L

Application: hotel heating + bathing

Established in 2010, All Season Hotel is a subsidiary of Huazhu Group, a leading mid-range hotel brand in China. At present, it has covered 31 provincial-level administrative regions in China, and more than 1,100 stores have opened. Absorb humanistic spirit from oriental wisdom, extract value connotation from contemporary life, create high-quality experience through family and friends services throughout the season, let more people feel the natural and decent nature of the orient in the oriental land, and improve the quality of travel life for 400 million middle-class people.

As we all know, boilers in hotels and hotels are mainly used for heating and sanitary hot water supply. Boilers have a huge impact on the reputation and operation of hotels. In addition to hotel services and environment, guests intuitively feel that the hot water supply is stable and unstable, and the water volume is not large. . In addition, for hotels, various energy consumption is generated every day, including boiler equipment. Therefore, when purchasing boilers, All Seasons Hotel put forward higher requirements on the performance of the boilers and the effect of energy saving and emission reduction.

All Season Hotel has chosen Bowei Boiler among many brands. This time, Bowei Boiler designed two 700L boilers for it. As the star product of Bowei boiler, L series has the characteristics of small footprint, convenient transportation, safety and environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving, and convenient maintenance.

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