The 550L adopts a heat exchanger made of silicon-magnesium alloy. This heat exchanger is formed at one time, with high density, high thermal conductivity and strong corrosion resistance.The heating area of a single unit can reach 11000㎡.


1.The integral cast aluminum heat exchanger is adopted, which has high heat conduction efficiency, strong corrosion resistance and low noise;
2. Mature equipment technology (parts imported from Europe, safe and reliable, stable operation, service life up to 30 years);
3. Central constant temperature control, flexible installation, remote control, digital display microcomputer intelligent control (simple operation, saving personnel management, low maintenance cost); ultra-low emission: NOx emission is as low as 30mg/m3 or less (lower than national requirements Emission Standards);
4. Condensation technology, multiple protections, low operating costs (saving 30%-50% compared to traditional heating and central air-conditioning equipment);
5. Small footprint (1.5-3 square meters), easy to install;
6. The combustion chamber is fully water-cooled, with parallel water channels, low water flow resistance, and integrated rib-column combination for heat exchange and condensation of the flue system;
7. Small size, light weight, easy to transport and install;
8. Multiple modules can be combined in parallel;


  1. High efficiency and energy saving

The thermal efficiency of the cast aluminum condensing boiler is more than 35% higher than that of ordinary boilers, up to 108%.

  1. Low nitrogen combustion

The NOx emission per cubic meter under the standard working condition is less than 30㎎/m³, which is in line with China's increasingly stringent NOx emission standards.

  1. Low installation cost

Small size, light weight, wheel support, use PVC pipe to increase the service life of the smoke pipe, easy to install

  1. More stable operation

Intelligent control, precise temperature control, multiple safety protections, and imported high-end accessories ensure safe and reliable operation

  1. Worry-free use

The powerful intelligent control system and perfect product after-sales service system ensure that users can feel at ease during use.

  1. Longer life

Synchronized with European advanced technology, in line with European standards, core components such as cast aluminum heat exchangers are designed to have a long service life

  1. Small footprint

Taking the 1100KW boiler model as an example, it covers an area of about 2 square meters, and the heating area can reach more than 20,000 square meters.

  1. Low maintenance cost

Low cost, long life, simple structure, high quality accessories, strong versatility, less wearing parts, easy maintenance.


ModelBWCC-L 550L
Rated power  KW 550
Maximum power consumption  Nm³/h 55
Fixed work stress  Mpa normal pressure
Gas pressure   Kpa 3--8
Type of gas  natural gas 12T
Gas port (flange connection port)   DN 65
Power supply   V/Hz ~220/50
Load adjustment range    %  20--100
Flue gas temperature (maximum load 80°C/60°C)   ℃ <65
Thermal efficiency   %  108
Maximum water temperature   ℃ 85
Flue interface size  mm(diameter) 250
Inlet and outlet water interface (flange connection port)   DN 100
Water capacity (boiler body)   L 53.5
Box size (length x width x height)    cm 155*85*141
Hot water supply capacity (∆A=20°C)     m³/h 27.5
Maximum circulating water flow (∆A=10°C)   m³/h 55
NOx emissions    mg/m³ <30
CO emissions     mg/m³ <90
Condensate    PH 6
Noise dB                 <50
Maximum electric power   KW 1.2
Weight   kg 510
Reference heating area (50W/㎡) ㎡ 11000


Suitable For Heating Places

Enterprise office buildings, community hospitals, kindergartens, nursing homes, government office buildings, office buildings, business clubs, bath centers, confinement clubs, hotels, chain hotels, villas, independent small courtyards, suburban residential areas, breeding, anti-aging and other seasonal plantings, etc. .


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