35KW Condensing Gas Wall-hung Boiler


● German design, European standard, and complies with Chinese GB25034-2020 standard
● 25/30/35/40kW condensing heat output


● German design, European standard, and complies with Chinese GB25034-2020 standard

● 25/30/35/40kW condensing heat output

● An international priority solution for the dual needs of heating and domestic hot water

● LED backlight Chinese display touch large display

● Bowei BW-5G cast aluminum main heat exchanger: large heat transfer area, high thermal conductivity, strong corrosion resistance, and a service life of up to 20 years.


Core technology BW-5G Independent research and development patent Silicon cast aluminum heat exchanger
The unique Aqua-condensing technology and the newly developed CMS fully premixed surface combustion technology
The thermal efficiency is as high as 108%, saving 30% energy than traditional wall-hung boilers

Intelligent indoor thermostat controller ensures comfortable and constant temperature in all seasons
Simple operation, anytime, fast water discharge, fast heating, long-lasting warmth

WIFI intelligent control, under control
Allows you to control the temperature of your loving home even on the other side of the ocean, and easily realize that the home is warm before people arrive

Versatile home decoration style
Deduce the beauty of innovative appearance, make life more than just comfortable


unit product type
project 35KW
model LL1GQ35
Type of gas 12Tnatural gas
Rated gas pressure Pa 2000
Gas pressure range Pa 1500-2500
power supply V/HZ 220/50
Rated input maximum power KW 35
Rated input minimum power KW 7
Rated output maximum power KW 35.7
Rated output minimum power KW 7.56
Energy efficiency rating / National Standard Class I
Thermal efficiency % 102-108%
Maximum electric power W 128
Maximum outlet temperature 90
Heating maximum operating pressure bar 3
water capacity L 5.8
Expansion tank volume L 8
Expansion tank pre-charge pressure bar 0.75
Nominal hot water production rate △t=30) / 13
Heating hot water temperature range 30-80
Bathroom hot water temperature range 30-60
Heating hot water pressure range MPa 0.03-0.5
Bathroom hot water pressure range MPa 0.05-0.3
Heating water supply/return interface / DN20
gas connection / DN20
Hot and cold water interface / DN15
Flue interface mm 60/100
Maximum Condensate L/h 2.2
PH value of condensed water PH ≈4.8
NOx emission level / National Standard Class V 
degree of protection
waterproof level IP ×4D
Noise dB ≤36
Weight (without packaging) Kg 44
Dimensions wide (height x width x thickness) mm 750×410×310



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